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Substance Abuse Recovery

For many various reasons, people become addicted and abuse substances. The quality of thier lives and those around them suffer greatly. This is the problem of the addict’s life. The solution is substance abuse recovery. Quality of life improves rapidly as people break free from the bounds of substance abuse. It is only halfway up to the substance abuse counselor to provide substance abuse recovery to the addict. The other 50% of responsibility belongs to the abuser themselves.

Substance Abuse Recovery – The Path

substance abuse recoveryOne of the first things the addict needs to work on is self-esteem and mending his or her relationships which have surely been affected in this physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial dilemma. This will ready the person to take the first true step on the path of substance abuse recovery, admitting that they have a problem. Part of admitting this is to stop pretending they are like other people who can, for instance, drink socially. There is a difference between abuse and social use. There is also a difference between abstinence and recovery. Those in a substance abuse recovery program use abstinence as a means to keep them apart from the past issues of their addiction and to maintain the new qualities of life they have. The difference is that some people already abstain with no prior issues with substances. Addicts in recovery abstain for a much more powerful reason. Substance abuse recovery is truly an arduous path. It take honesty with yourself and others. It takes patience, and most importantly it takes very hard work, persistence, and determination.

Substance Abuse Recovery – The Process

First, the person works on their self-esteem and begins mending his or her realtionships with friends, family, and colleagues. Next, the person must acknowledge to himself, family and friends, and to his spiritual center that he has a problem. They must then seek and accept help, for this cannot be done alone. This support must be from a dependable and reliable source. Some people have great will-power, but this is not enough for a true addict. They need that support system from true friends. They need to find quality resources such as a 12 Step program or a treatment center with residential or outpatient services. They must become totally abstinent. They obtain a workable daily plan and put it motion at all times. They must become this new culture of drug-free life. They must work hard to maintain constant focus, effort, and self-awareness to live substance abuse recovery at all times. They themselves will finally become a valuable and powerful resource for others who are in need help. This is the spiritual reward for their mental and physical efforts and healing. They will find that they have surpassed any previous baseline they ever experienced in life. They have had a true conversion experience into something greater than they were before. This is a beautiful, purifying growth experience.

Substance abuse recovery is long.  Substance abuse recovery is hard.  The recovering addict must recover from substance abuse.  Their lives truly depend on it.  It is up to you, me, him, and her as a substance abuse counselor to provide a context, knowledgebase, and pillar of strength for those in need.  It is a pleasure to help those in need.  The reward is great!

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