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Substance Abuse Counselor Schools

Finding good substance abuse counselor schools can be difficult, time-consuming, and frustrating.  But that burden can be lightened.  That’s why we want to give you all the best information on substance abuse counselor schools in one convenient location, here at Substance Abuse Counselor HQ.  You must choose the best school for substance abuse counseling possible.  Your satisfaction in your level of education depends on it.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools: A Variety of Options

substance abuse counselor schoolsSubstance abuse counselor schools offer a wide variety of options.  Some schools will offer a 2-year master’s program in substance abuse counseling.  Other substance abuse counselor schools offer 4-year bachelor’s degree programs or a minor in substance abuse counseling.  There are multiple substance abuse counselor schools that offer the programs completely online. A specialization in substance abuse counseling may be a good opportunity for you if you already hold a degree in counseling or psychology.  This specialization would require only 15 additional hours in substance abuse counseling.  Always consider leveraging existing qualifications, experience, and credits towards your future interests in your chosen field of study or profession.

Substance Abuse Counselor Schools: Not a Must

While it would definitely be beneficial for you to obtain a degree in substance abuse counseling, attending a substance abuse counselor school is not a requirement to become a substance abuse counselor.  Most certifications or licensures will accept a few classes in alcohol or other drugs as an appropriated amount of education and as an appropriate substiution.  Even if you do not get your degree from a substance abuse counselor school, having a bachelor’s degree in a social services field such as psychology, social work or criminal justice will be just as beneficial to you in getting a job as a substance abuse counselor.

We cannot feed you all of the information on all of the substance abuse counselor schools available.  It is a dynamic and shifting field of education.  It is your responsibility to remain up to date on the most recent changes and alterations in expectancies for employers and educators.  Every single substance abuse counselor school will have different requirements for you to meet, as these changes differ by employer, county, state, and country.  You will attain your degree, licensure, or certification.  Where you will obtain it is up to you.  Please take care in your research, and best of luck in your adventures.

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