The Substance Abuse Counselor Training and Career Center

Welcome! You have arrived at the Substance Abuse Counselor Headquarters! Here you will find all the information you need for a career as a substance abuse counselor, including training, education requirements, qualifications needed for licensure and certification, and more! The Substance Abuse Counselor Headquarters will help you obtain the knowledge and skills needed to get where you want to be… fast!


At Substance Abuse Counselor Headquarters we have collected and compiled all of the information needed to seek, acquire, and begin a career as a substance abuse counselor.  You will find what you need in regards to training, licensure and certification requirements, educational qualifications, job opportunities, etc.  Everything you need to become a substance abuse counselor is here and more!

Our fullest intention is to continue to be the one-stop information hub for all things “substance abuse counselor.”  We intend to provide the information.  But on the other hand, it is your responsibility to foster and build the personal inventory required to be a successful substance abuse counselor.  We can only disseminate knowledge.  You must be the passionate and compassionate individual who wishes to work patiently with clients who struggle with substance abuse, addictive personalities, mental illness, and any arrangement of co-occuring diagnoses.  It will be you who conquers the bachelor’s or master’s degree in a field of the social services, such as psychology, counseling, chemical dependency, etc.

With our intellectual partnership, and emotional dedication, you and we at the Substance Abuse Counselor Headquarters will persevere to educate ourselves and the public on the epidemic of substance abuse and fight to help our friends and family who suffer the unwelcomed illness of chemical dependency.