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Substance Abuse Statistics

For a substance abuse counselor, it is always helpful to be able to quote some substance abuse statistics to users and abusers in order to help them become more aware of the prevalence of substance abuse and deter them from engaging in further use. It would be impossible to list all of the substance abuse statistics, however we can easily list the relevant and surprising ones.

Substance Abuse Statistics – Knowledge is Power

  • In the United States, as much as 25% of deaths can be traced back and attributed to substance abuse.
  • The most heavily and commonly abused substance amount the youth is alcohol.
  • Chronic consumption of alcohol results in death six and half times normal death rates.
  • 65% of alcoholics gain access to their drink from their family and friends.
  • Alcoholism is the largest and most prominent cause of birth defects and abnormalities.
  • The costs of medication and medical treatment for an addict is twice the amount of the cost for a sober and clean individual.
  • Substance abusers as a whole in the United States visit the emergency room around 530,000 times per year.
  • In the construction industry and the food service industry, substance abuse is the most common issue among the employees.
  • In domestic violence cases, 75% of this is attributed to addicts, often times under the influence.
  • Half of Americans have a loved one who is suffering from addiction at any given time.
  • Those in the age group of 18 to 29 years old suffer the most from substance abuse.
  • Only one in four teens ever have a discussion with their parents about drug use.
  • 30% of teens are aware of at least one friend who is frequently abusing substances. 15% know of more than one chronic user.
  • Substance abuse statistics reveal that the average age of consumption begins at 12.5 years of age.

substance abuse statisticsThese are simply a few important and eye-opening substance abuse statistics of many. While many people may find these surprising, many people have been exposed to the culture of substance abuse and find none of this unsettling, but definitely as disturbing as any of us.  For these to actually not shock somebody is an outrage and needs to be fixed immediately.  Substance abuse is a plague, turning medicine into poison, and pleasure into pain, peace into disruption.

Substance Abuse Statistics – The Importance

Every abuser of any substance needs to be aware of the prevalence of addiction and use. It is outrageous for these statistics to be as high as they are, for there are many a substance abuse counselor and organizations against substance abuse work intensely against these injustices to the self and community. Through the knowledge of substance abuse statistics we can reclaim health and relationships for our lost friends and loved ones. Know these and be able to share them in group or individual sessions. Help make your patients aware.

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