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Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, her mind must definitely expand and grow to include others than just herself.  She must begin eating for two, as is often said.  But there is more to the story than that.  She must become cognizant that she is not only eating, but breathing, drinking, and living for two.  Everything this woman does now affects two people.  That includes any substance abuse during pregnancy.

Consider what effect substance use has on a grown adult with a large brain mass and fat percentage and other factors that affect metabolism of substances and their subjective effects on the user.  Now consider substance abuse during pregnancy.  What must the unborn child experience when exposed to these strong substances?  Substance abuse during pregnancy increases risk of stillbirth and premature birth, as a very large threat.  There are other threats as well.

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy – Specific Threats

substance abuse during pregnancyIn addition to stillbirth and premature birth, there are specific threats in regards to specific substances.  Do not smoke at all.  Smoking can pass nicotine and carcinogens to your fetus.  Do not drink at all.  It can cause life-long physical, psychological, and behavioral issues for children, including fetal alcohol syndrome.  This very detrimental to children as a youth and adult.  Using illegal substances can lead to having underweight and underdeveloped babies, birth defects, and even withdrawal symptoms after being born.  If you or someone you know needs help refraining from substance abuse during pregnancy, seek professional and medical help.  It can cause great harm to you and your unborn child.

Almost four percent of women with child are engaging in substance abuse during pregnancy.  Sadly, substance abuse during pregnancy also poses other risks and threats to the fetus as it affects the woman’s behavior in other aspects of her life.  The child may be subject to poor nutrition and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.  Substance abuse during pregnancy can slow fetal growth and decrease the length of pregnancy, increasing the probability of premature birth.  Children who experience withdrawal symptoms after birth will tremble and excessively cry, leading to other issues in regards to the parents as well.  Children in withdrawal will have risks associated with symptoms such as fever, irritability, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, hypersensitivity, and seizures.  There is also the chance of sudden infant death syndrome.

Another thing to consider is that substance abuse reduces fertility in men and women, reducing the possibility of pregnancy.  Children exposed to the variety of substances experience problems related to attention, concentration, IQ level, and other cognitive issues.  There are birth defects to be concerned about as well, including clubfoot, congential heart dfects, placental problems, cleft lip, and cleft palate. 

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy

Substance abuse during pregnancy is a major problem for infants.  Illegal substances are widespread.  They are available the world around and are more easily obtainable than any of us is comfortable with.  The amount of issues related to substance abuse during pregnancy for the adults and child are counted so high that it is unbelievable that people still engage in this behavior.  The massive amount of disrespect for the self and for others, including helpless unborn people, is quite literally insane.  A person who disregards life itself obviously has other psychological issues going on.  Consider treatment for substance abuse and mental health for your loved ones with these issues.  As a substance abuse counselor, you must be well knowledgable on these topics.  Please read and memorize!

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