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Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs

Although substance abuse counseling is one of the fastest growing specializations in mental health today, many people are still unaware of what exactly these counselors do and what types of substance abuse counselor jobs are available.  Below you will learn all about the substance abuse counselor job description.

If you are interested in a career in counseling, you may want to consider a specialization in substance abuse counseling. If you were to search for substance abuse counselor jobs today, you would probably find hundreds of options.  This is because substance abuse counselor jobs are growing at a rapid pace, making it a very smart career path for those interested in counseling or social services.

While a job as a substance abuse counselor won’t be easy, it is guaranteed to be rewarding.  If you’re interested in becoming a substance abuse counselor the first step you want to take is to see what types of substance abuse counselor jobs are available in your area.

Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs Available

Some substance abuse counselor jobs that are available are:

• Outpatient programs

• Half-way houses

• Juvenile facilities

• Adolescent treatment facilities

• Residential substance abuse facilities

• Jails or prisons

• Hospitals

• Homeless shelters

• Prevention Specialist

Something to keep in mind as you are searching for substance abuse counselor jobs is your education level.  Are you qualified for the substance abuse counselor jobs you are applying for? If not, what education program do you need to complete in order to qualify for these substance abuse counselor jobs?

Substance Abuse Counselor Jobs Growth

substance abuse counselor jobsCelebrate your career path choice, because substance abuse counselor jobs are growing each year and you have more room to go after the job you want than other mental health counselors might.

The rate of adolescents suffering from addiction is steadily increasing, and substance abuse counselor jobs working with this population is growing right along with it.  The substance abuse counselor interested in working with adolescents may apply in school systems nearby. If you are interested in substance abuse counselor jobs in which you work with high-risk youth, you may consider working in adolescent residential treatments facilities or with the juvenile courts.

If adolescents aren’t the population you want to focus on, you may want to consider a job as a substance abuse counselor in a prison or jail, adult residential treatment facility, intensive outpatient program or with a mental health provider that specializes in dual-diagnosis clients.

If you aren’t sure what type of substance abuse counselor jobs are of interest to you, try using local resources to help get your foot in the door.  Most communities have a drug-abuse-prevention team or taskforce that works closely with local law enforcement and schools.  You could contact your local police and ask for any resources they might have available. Ask around for places you may be able to volunteer to get a feel for the job and the populations with which you’ll be working.

When you are looking for substance abuse counselor jobs, it is important to keep an open mind.  You may start out thinking that you want a job as a substance abuse counselor working with teens, but you may quickly find out after volunteering with some that you may be a better fit as an adult substance abuse counselor.

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