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Substance Abuse Counselor Job Opportunities

substance abuse counseling sessionHelping patients get over one addiction or another implies helping them cope with everyday stresses and problems. This is by far the most important factor when choosing to become a substance abuse counselor. It makes no difference what the addictive element is. Each element has specific characteristics. For example, some patients might be addicted to food, so they start eating whenever they feel upset or bored. Some others try to forget about their problems with alcohol or drugs, not to mention about shopping, sex, gambling and many other similar additions.

As a counselor, the entire process begins with a detailed evaluation of the patient’s mental and physical symptoms. Only then you can come up with a proper treatment. At the same time, the problem can be quite complex, so a counselor might have to reach to other professionals as well. In some cases, reaching to social workers might do the trick, but psychiatrists are not to be ignored either. On a positive note, job opportunities are quite diversified because of the numerous court ordered referrals.

Exploring the most common duties as a substance abuse counselor

Your main goal is to advise people facing various kinds of addictions, whether they are affected by painkillers, intoxicants, alcohol or illegal drugs. You must evaluate the patient’s health, as well as the addictive substance. The openness to a therapy is very important as well. Once the problem is determined, try to come up with a treatment plan, as well as a recovery process. It is essential to target the behaviors that might affect these procedures as well. Aside from handling the patient, a substance abuse counselor should also discuss with families and close friends and help them plan efficient strategies against the addiction.

Facing specific challenges as a substance abuse counselor

There is one major problem in this industry – the gap between people who need therapy and people who actually receive it. Unfortunately, the gap keeps going bigger. Statistics are not too encouraging in the United States of America. In 2010, only 11% (2.6 million) of all people who needed specialized treatment (23 million) managed to get in a therapy program. The small percentage became even smaller during the next years and it threatens to lose even more popularity. With these thoughts in mind, the need for substance abuse counselors is obvious. If this is one of the primary goals for your career, you are on the right path.

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